Cheese or Cheesed-off

Memo to all cameraphone fiends: taking pictures can bankrupt you! Oops, sorry, I already sent that one out. has a story which takes a look at the hidden and often surprisingly humungous cost of using camera phones.

After Daniel Goldstein got a camera phone, he couldn’t wait to put the photos he shot into his computer to work with them. But unlike digital cameras that connect easily to a PC, his Panasonic phone had no cord to connect to transfer images. His only solution was to use the mobile network to send the pictures from his phone to the PC — at 40 cents per picture. The New York University freshman wasn’t happy. ”You buy something, you get excited about it, then there’s this catch,” says Goldstein, 18.

Of course, there is the option of paying $20 a month for unlimited Internet access and sending these photos one at a time as email attachments, if you are a T-Mobile customer.

AT&T Wireless on Oct. 15 kicks off a promotion offering unlimited photo transfers for $4.99 — compared with $15 for Sprint and $19.99 for 200 shots at Cingular.

I cannot wait for the day when someone bitches about that videophone he spent $500 on. Good pictures, but what the f**k!


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