Sony LocationFree TV


Sony_locationfree_tvSony is always coming up with the most innovative gadgets and then trying to make a market for it later. Their latest entry into the “maybe” club is the LocationFree TV. The portable TV screen allows users to travel around the world with a portable touch-screen TV and watch television or listen to music from home through an Internet connection. Using the Internet as well as peer-to-peer and wireless (802.11 a, 802.11b and 802.11g) technologies, LocationFree TV can put the user in control of most major brands of audio and visual components hooked to the home computer. It can even surf the Web and get your e-mail too.Comes with either 7 or 12 inch LCD screen. Sony stresses that LocationFree TV is not a portable computer, though it does a lot of the things a laptop can do, including surfing the Web and getting e-mail (there is a screen-based software keyboard as well as a port for a separate keyboard for those who like to type). But it does not need such things as a hard disk, even to record TV shows — all recording is done remotely on the home PC, as directed by the LocationFree device. Then the TV downloads the video from your home PC as needed over the Internet. This interesting gadget will be hitting North America in a few weeks. Thanks to

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