Windows CE .NET laptop

CathenaSometimes you just need a laptop to get work done. You know, a bigger screen than your Windows Mobile device that can make working on that Word document a lot easier. Web surfing would be much better if you could see a lot more of the page on the screen. Sure, VGA devices are nice but sometimes you just need more.Dataevolution Corp. will have a Windows CE .NET based laptop, the Cathena, available in Q4 of this year for users who need the bigger screen. The Cathena will use a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor and include 128 MB RAM. It will have a Compact Flash slot for additional storage and will include a 12.1-inch, 800-by-600-pixel, full-color TFT display. This won’t be a touch screen; instead, this computer will depend on a built-in touchpad. It will have what the company describes as a “nearly full-sized” keyboard. The Cathena will use a traditional laptop design, and when closed, it will be 10.7 inches by 9.1 inches by 0.95 inches and weigh approximately three pounds. The laptop will include built-in 802.11b wireless networking.The Cathena will run under Windows CE .NET 4.2 Professional and include a number of productivity programs to take advantage of the screen. The expected price of $800 could make it a cost effective solution for companies wanting to supply executives with locked down laptops at a reduced cost.


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