WiMAX Confusions?


Marc Goldberg, a partner at Occam Capital in France has been exploring a lot of deals in the WiMAX space, and be sheer coincidence I ended up on his blog, which is actually quite amazing. He has a nice round-up of WiMAX opinions from a whole slew of sources including smart folks like Jeff Nolan and Ron Gruia. He ironically calls his post, WiMAX Confusions. He is using blogs for research, which I am amazed and at the same time impressed. Why? because he is tapping into “group think.”



That is ironic… i always believe if the ideas are out in open and shared, more people can chime in and help each other. as long as it all helps with the research, then why not…

Marc Goldberg


Thanks for your king note,

The model of posting as a structure for research is working well, the irony is that i got several interesting reply BY EMAIL and not by blog posting, mostly by VC friends or relationship that were more confortable answering off-line than on the blog itself.

Stop by Paris or London if you are in Europe any time soon…


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