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Wacom digitizer for Smartphones

Wacom has become the de facto standard for digitizing tablets for graphic artists and supplies the active screen technology for most Tablet PCs. Wacom is now bringing the active pen technology to smartphones and PDAs, according to an announcement by the company.“With the W8002 single chip solution, Wacom’s inductive pen sensing technology will, for the first time, help developers overcome the limitations of increasingly complex mobile device user interfaces. Wacom’s cordless, battery-free pen with flight point feature (the ability to hover without touching the screen) and pressure sensing capability will accelerate the development and adoption of a range of new ‘killer’ mobile applications.”Wacom feels the small mobile screen is a natural extension for their Penabled™ inductive pen sensing solution which lets the user move the cursor by simply hovering over the screen. No word to when we might expect the first Wacom-enabled mobile device.