Peerio, a Skype challenger?

Popular Telephony’s Peerio technology just might upstage Skype’s juggernaut. The company today announced that it has signed a deal with France’s Logicom to develop a new line of handsets that use the Peerio serverless peer-to-peer VoIP technology. Unlike Skype which relies on a server to act like god for Skype calls, Peerio is a true peer-to-peer technology.

Logicom IP DECT telephones with built-in gateways, powered by Popular Telephony Peerio(TM) serverless telephony middleware, will allow consumers to choose between making calls from their telephones over their existing PSTN carrier or via a broadband IP network (e.g. cable or ADSL) without the need for an additional subscription from an IP telephony service provider.

I have spent a lot of time talking with Popular Telephony’s founder & CEO, Dmitry Goroshevsky and would be writing up a detailed piece on his company over the weekend.