Bluetooth stereo heaphones for the iPAQ


Geekzone is reporting that Logitech will be producing a product that will make listening to music on your iPAQ a lot more fun. The Logitech HP iPAQ Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are expected to begin shipping later this year, meaning no more wires for listening to music! I don’t know why this would be restricted to just iPAQs unless Logitech has no intention on making drivers for other makes of Pocket PC, perhaps due to an exclusivity with HP.“We’re extremely excited about working with HP to deliver this compelling consumer electronics solution,” said Bob Wick, senior vice president for Logitech’s Audio and Interactive Entertainment Business Unit. “We expect the demand for Bluetooth products to increase as the number of applications continues to grow. We feel we’re in a great position to help drive that growth with our retail products and our strong partnerships. The HP iPAQ Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are yet another example of the innovative products Logitech and HP have brought to the marketplace through our longstanding partnership.”

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