Perryopolis, a broadband city


Perryopolis has had a broadband makeover, thanks to some good samaritans from Carnegie Mellon University. The students of the school installed a line-of-sight antenna atop Frazier High School which allows residents and businesses within the two mile radius to get high speed internet access. There are plans to add more antennas as well. Several of the local businesses are benefitting from this new bandwidth, according to news reports.

Gene & Boots Candies Inc. and Image Time Inc. are now able to send photographs of products to buyers, he said, and the local Culligan Water Conditioning Inc. franchise is able to hook up with the company’s electronic networking system. “It’s great at the small business level,” Krajovic said. “It was amazing to hear how much the lack of high-speed Internet is hindering the growth of business in Fayette County. “We would like to secure funding from the state to bring broadband into every corner of Fayette County,” Krajovic said.

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