Ozzies Love Wireless Broadband


Tech Dirt says that some wide area wireless broadband offerings in Australia are doing quite well. Of course, in some cases, it may be catching on too fast, as Unwired is admitting that they’re slowing down their marketing efforts after they realized they’re running out of equipment from Navini, suggesting they under estimated the initial demand for the offering. Man that is a nice problem to have… too many people wanting your service!


Phil Boardman

My Broadband service is only 512/128/12G for $42.50/month, with 512/512/24G costing only $95. There’s also free downloads between 12am and 8am every night.


Nice to see Personal Broadband Australia doing very well. But it’s slow: according to the article, they offer a gamer plan for $179 a month, which includes 30GB of downloads and a symmetrical connection speed of 512Kbps/512Kbps (ADSL plans are typically asymmetrical at 512Kbps/128Kbps); a casual plan with a speed of 256Kbps/64Kbps and 2GB of downloads is $39 monthly. I guess this compares favorably to ADSL plans in Australia (I also assume the currency is in AU$.

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