SBC What? Techdirt Not?

Techdirt has a posting on how the recent increases in the UNE-P charges is going to give VoIP a boost. Their reasoning is that since California regulators are letting SBC charge $2.60 more per line it sells to its competitors, it would result in people moving over to VoIP. Okay that is a good case in theory, but in real life.. well! Why do I say that? Most of the competitors – at least the meaningful ones like AT&T and MCI have clearly left the business, and have no plans to offer these services. VoIP is a good option, but has anyone seen those eat all you can plans from SBC. When they start pushing $100 a month for wireless, local, long distance and broadband for one hunner a month, well no reason for many to switch to VoIP. I think what Techdirt should have said, well this will accelerate the return to SBC.

As traditional phone service gets more expensive and VoIP gets cheaper it doesn’t take much for people to start to question why they’re paying more than twice as much for phone service than what someone else appears to be offering (often with more features). Most people don’t care about whether it’s VoIP or traditional phone service. They just see the same features at a cheap price as their phone bill keeps rising, and the choice is easy.

Traditional service expensive – huh? How does $50 a month sound? And VoIP ain’t cheap either. $40 a month for broadband and about $30 a month for all-you-can eat plan… its not cheap. I am no fan of SBC and their monopolistic ways but seeing voip as the panacea for all things is just one of those things that gets me going.


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