Microserfs on PMPing


Alex did what eWeek didn’t: he called Microserf David Proctor on his double talk! eWeek caught up with David Proctor, hardware lead for the Microsoft Portable Media Center, who predicts that in two years the “Portable Media Players will come equipped with 125GB of data storage by 2007 for recording and storing Hi-Def video, and that PMP devices will come with wireless connectivity to “stream content on the fly from a local source, connected to a user’s home server or content provider via the Internet.” I guess 2007 is a safe date to throw around, for Proctor I am sure would be gone by then.

The funny thing is at the end of the article Proctor seems to contradict himself when he explains that the Wi-Fi feature will most likely negate the need for a large local hard drive. But we’re guessing that people who own a PMP will most likely want to bring their entire PC synced collection with them on the go, because one never knows when a remote wireless Internet connection will be available to stream or download content.

By the way I have not talked to Microsoft, so this is purely based on Alex’s ruminations. I am not sure if I like any of the PMPs that are available in the market – they are butt ugly. Not that I have seen one in real life. Creative was supposed to stop-by at our office, but guess beer at noon sounded like a better option. (I would do the same as well.)

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