Comcast’s Big Bet on Content


(sub. req.): An interview with Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, folliwing the recent deal with Sony and others to acquire MGM.

“The Sony/MGM deal goes to the heart of our on-demand strategy…Our on-demand vision is that 90% of that content should be at no additional cost to the consumer.”

On whether Comcast is a cable or tech company: “We already have high-definition TV and VOD. We’re also already planning on the next suite of products: videophones, video chat, interactive television, Internet search capabilities and interactive advertising.”

On search and TV: “We think eventually 10,000 hours will be available on demand. There is constantly going to be a need to make it easy for consumers to access what they want when they want it. Call it a search engine. Call it a portal. Call it an on-screen guide or navigation device.”

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