Verizon EVDO … bah humbug!

Esme does a smack down on Verizon Wireless’s very fast data service announced this morning. She makes some of the points I made earlier, but I still think getting 300-500 kilobits per second on the go is much better than getting puny 40kbps on my GPRS modem.

Let’s talk about the charges for use of the Verizon data service. I hear it is $80 a month. Think about that — $960 for a year. What could you buy for $960? Roundtrip airfare to Europe, two pairs of really nice designer shoes (maybe three if you buy them on sale), a Dior handbag, two Nokia phones, lots of dinners in fabulous restaurants, fancy health club subscription so you can finally lose weight. One thing for sure is that low-income families cannot afford their “ubiquitous high speed” Internet service.


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