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User’s Rights And Music Download Prices

This is an interesting study…Marc Fetscherin, currently a visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley and his colleague, Cristina Vlietstra from the Institute of Information Systems, University of Bern, have done some research on the pricing of music downloads, looking into the factors determining the price.

So far the labels have argued that price is mainly in function of the rights granted to the consumer. But the study shows that the download price does not merely depend on user rights

On average, a music download from an US music providers costs 70 cents, granting the user only the right of unlimited playing. A music download costs 15 cents more if the right to burn is given to the consumer. Furthermore, the right to move the music song to a portable player is valued at 24 cents on average per download.

() The one page PDF summarizing the study can be download here..