WiFlyer to go

WiflyerI have a Netgear WGR101 travel router that I really love. Providing 802.11b/g access in hotel rooms when traveling is a convenient way to work without wires anywhere in the room. As useful as this is there is one way to make it even better, and the WiFlyer comes through.Take a WiFi router and put a modem in it so you can still work wirelessly even if your location doesn’t have broadband access. That’s the WiFlyer in a nut shell. The only thing the WiFlyer is lacking is 802.11g but that is not a big loss. You can also hook up to broadband if it’s available in your hotel room so you have all bases covered. If your new laptop doesn’t even come with a modem then the WiFlyer is all you need, and you can still work without hooking up to the hotel phone’s dataport. And it doesn’t hurt that the WiFlyer is produced by a company in my home town, Houston. In fact, their office is in a building I actually worked 20 years ago, although from the picture on their web site it’s had a nice face lift.

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