Why I will buy Samsung P735

Off late there has been an assault of new handsets from Motorola, Nokia and LG. Sharp has introduced a handset or two, Sidekick II is out and RIM Charm will be hitting the stores soon as well. However, if you are a GSM user like me, I would urge you to wait for Samsung’s new swivel-swing phone, the P735. I have one of the early prototypes with me – which means it does not have the requisite headphones or a cable to sync that with computer and all that stuff. What I do have is the actual handset, which is simply gorgeous. Oh it better looking than Catherine Zeta Jones itself. (Drooollll!)

I have often argued that the reason Samsung makes great phones is because they give a lot of attention to the user interface. Well was I in for a surprise. The user interface has gone through a major facelift. The already cute icons have been replaced by more “mac-like” icons. samsung P735The screen of this phone is gorgeous – shiny, bright and colors are truelife. The radio is so good that it is picking up signals in elevators; the sound is crystal clear, and the keys are generous, and spacious. The four-way navigation pad is simple and easy to use. The middle-button takes you to the T-Zones in a breeze, and the internal memory helps give an appearance of faster downloads. It does everything you expect a great phone to do – polyphonic ring-tones and all that. What is most remarkable is the megapixel camera which is one of the best I have used. It takes great pictures and thanks to the MMC slot, it is easy to download the pictures to your computer. I hate emailing them to myself or doing MMS or moblogging so I really don’t care about that stuff. But even someone like me was going click-crazy because the photos are brilliant.

What else do I like about this phone? The MP3 player. Good bye IPOD, hello P735. A lot of folks are going to like other features like speakerphone, video recorder, and all that stuff. (I have not tested the camcorder functions yet!) People will also like the fact that you can move the screen around and flip it. But being of the older set, I think it is the flip-phone functionality along with everything else that I like. Even I would spend $500 on this. The best multipurpose phone you can get your paws on. My rating: 9 out of possible 10.


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