VoIP goes the TV

Greg Scoblete, a senior editor at TWICE Magazine has written a great piece over at Tech Central Station. VoIP In Your Hands is a great read especially if you want to think outside the box of VoIP as a cheap replacement for PSTN connection.

TV Caller ID: Since voice data can travel on the same cable that also delivers your television (if you’re a cable TV subscriber) and Internet access, it’s not terribly difficult to route incoming phone info to your television. Cable providers that offer VoIP, such as New York-based Cablevision, are already testing TV caller ID and voicemail retrieval and could roll out the service in early 2005. This can work in a number of ways: the caller ID info could pop up on the TV screen immediately when the phone rings. If you’re immersed in the latest Sopranos and don’t want to be disturbed you could hide all but emergency calls and review your caller ID log from the couch via remote control when the show’s done (sorry Tommy Thomson, most VoIP trends are distinctly sedentary).

He also writes about Wireless VoIP, Interactive Gaming, and Videophone.


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