The new Screen Savers- who cares?

Screen_saversSomebody needs to tell G4TechTV that there is no such thing as a cool geek. No matter how much you punk up their clothes or mess up their hair they still look like geeks. But once you punk them up they look like STUPID geeks. Case in point the new Screen Savers show. Recently G4 bought Tech TV and fired everybody. That included Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton, the hosts of one of my favorite shows The Screen Savers. TSS was a useful show that always had something interesting to show the viewers. Newbies and experienced geeks alike could always find something cool on the show. Maybe it was how to encode video for mobile viewing or great free utilities to make your computing easier. Always something of interest, and presented by Leo and Patrick in a way that showed they not only knew what they were talking about but that they actually LIKED each other.But they’re gone now and recently G4TechTV debuted the new Screen Savers. I made myself watch an entire show just to be fair and all I can say is- EL STINKO. The new cast is trying to be punk cool but like I said, they’re still geeks looking like they’re trying to be cool. And the show content now comes off like all the mindless video game shows on G4 with no substance. Very lousy tech TV. G4 should be ashamed of themselves. Really. They’re so bad I’m not even linking to the show in this article. If you must go there it will be on your own dime.

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