Sony To Support MP3

A day after Martin Tobias asks Sony to get off the ATRAC3 jihad (“I want Sony to stop being as*****s and get off the memory stick and ATRAC3 jihad. They need to open up and support more formats of memory and codec and DRM.”), the company has listened (sorta). It is working to add native MP3 support to its portable music players–a major strategy reversal.

The shift from reliance on its proprietary format will begin with flash memory-based players, the electronics giant said, but plans are still being finalized on how and when products will add MP3 support.

Still slight vaporware, if you ask me, since the MP3 format is not likely to come anywhere near Sony Connect online music service anytime soon, but a major development in attitude, if nothing else…

Engadget: “Somebody pinch us.”