Juniper’s big day?


A lot of you might have read my interview with Juniper Networks chief executive Scott Kriens. Well following up, I have some juicy gossip on the company. It is about to snag a big $150 million four year contract from SBC Communications, one of the first wins the company has scored at incumbent Bells. (Don’t include Qwest, because it was the old Q which snapped up Juniper products.) FBR analyst Susan Kalla says that the deal could be for B-RAS products. No not the Victoria Secret kind, but Broadband Remote Access Servers which are used for things such as selling DSL services to consumers.

B-RAS are multiservice platforms, installed at the edge of the network upstream of the DSLAM, and used for such functions as termination of PPP sessions and to provide a central collection point for data that can be used to bill customers for their network and service usage. They are highly intelligent edge routers.

Cisco is said to be in running for the business, but Kalla thinks that most of the business is going to Juniper. The edge of the network represented more than half of Juniper’s 2Q04 revenues of $307 million, or around $160 million.On the flipside, Kalla thinks things are getting tough for Cisco and the culprit might be Linksys.

In checking monthly revenues from Taiwanese D-Link, which competes with Linksys, we found that D-Link’s August 2004 revenues not only slowed but declined on a sequential basis compared with the previous quarter’s run-rate.

She cut her revenue numbers for Cisco by $150 million to $5.97 billion from $6.04 billion for the Q1 2005. She slashed her Q2 estimates by $100 million to $6.3 billion.

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