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Internet Voice: Business 2.0 Technology of The Year

b2_2004oct_226x309The new issue of Business 2.0 has started shipping, and I am frankly quite excited about this one. Many reasons – the first being that I wrote the cover story, The New Road To Riches (See Cover), which is about how tiny start-ups are shunning venture capital and going out and building businesses on a shoestring budget. Due to the maturing nature of the Silicon Valley, these companies are the new “R&D Labs” and are being snapped up by large players. Oddpost, an email start-up was acquired by Yahoo; and there are several other examples of companies like Finger Twitch and Message Rite. I think it was Inc. magazine which moaned that small businesses don’t get venture capital. Well they don’t need it. I remember thinking when I read that Inc magazine piece: they got questions, we got answers. We meaning Business 2.0.

The second reason I am tickled pink about this issue: our technologies of the year list. While there is a lot of cool stuff, our technology of the year is “Internet Voice.” I don’t limit myself to the VoIP revolution from a consumer perspective. We look at the total impact of packetized voice, which in many ways is bigger than Vonages of the world. The reason it is technology of the years: well because it came out of the geekdom into the mainstream. Cable companies started selling packet voice to consumers, AT&T changed its entire business model. It is a powerful force, it will change communications, and it will bring a new telecom order. This disruptive technology may end up rewarding some of the big telecom players because branding still counts for a lot. Companies to watch: AT&T, Verizon, and, of course, Vonage.

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  1. The ””Vonage Model””?????????? HOW can you ”watch” Vonage when the MODEL is spend 375 bucks PER CUSTOMER to offer a $29 per month service???????

    I dont get it myself—Lucey, ya got some “Splainin” to do for me to convince me that vonage has got legs to runthey got alot of money to run, but do they have ANY LEGS for the MARATHON OF Eoip????????