09/21/2004 Random Bytes & VoIP Daily


  • Light Reading: Cablecos are dead serious about VoIP.
  • Lingo Link: Primus’ Lingo service will let its users call each other from anywhere on the planet for $8 a month. Calling non-Lingo or PSTN customers cost 3 cents a minute, or whatever long distance charges apply. Idea here is to get the viral marketing going. Interestingly, Primus co-president’s name is John Melick… obviously no relation of mine!
  • D.I.Y Phone Company: Well closely on the heels of our fabulous piece, The VoIP Insurrection, here comes news that Packet 8 is launching a Prepaid service which makes it easy for anyone to become a voip phone company. 8×8 President, Dr. Barry Andrews says, “Our goal is to empower service providers around the world with the tools to launch a VoIP offering in a matter of days.” Or as I like to say…. oh! oh!
  • The Cloud, 6000 access points and all from Ericsson. Yup, Not from Cisco or one of the many pretenders but Ericsson.
  • Jeffrey Citron: will be keynote speaker at Jefferies & Co conference.
  • RadioShack, Sprint to launch 500 instore mini stores
  • Ericsson is all set to announce broadband, convergence and voip products at Broadband World Venice. The Ericsson Ethernet DSL Access will highlight how the high capacity offered by ADSL2plus can be used to deliver high quality TV services. The Ericsson Engine Multimedia solution addresses the growing voice over IP (VoIP) mass market. Ericsson Engine Multimedia is an IMS-based solution for converged voice and multimedia communication services like VoIP, video telephony and hosted enterprise services.
  • Nokia has announced new products, or as they say keeping up with the Swedes.

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