Slashdotted and Sleepless in SF

Wow! What a day it has turned out to be. First of all I had been slammed with meetings including a nice long chat with Michael Robertson of SIPPhone and fame. Oh by the way he did that company called Linspire as well. Met with a large Regional Bell company, a small networking application developer and when all of that ended, heard the news that Dan’s VoIP Insurrection piece had been slashdotted. Brilliant I say. Then Bj Olin who runs a fantastic weblog called Start-Up Chronicles emailed with a link to a post about me. Thanks Bj. We rapped aboutblogging, technology, venture capitalism, guilty pleasures… well you can read it here. Big shout out to Rackspace…. I got slashdotted and the servers did not even flinch. Sweetness of the hosting kind.

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