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Daily Music Wrap: Sept 18 ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.

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California Targets Illegal Downloads: California could become the first state to prohibit file-sharing software like Kazaa from being used on state computers and networks

Blank CDs turn Green for band: Green Day is encouraging fans to burn their own compilation CDs…

And all that jazz: There’s tons of complimentary legal music online…a review of options online

Strange Tales Of The Two Apples: “It seems to me that Apple Computer is doing just fine without any help from the Beatles…”

The Incredible Shrinking Profit Margin: Ah yes, a dime. Some things never change

Skye’s the limit with AOL Breakers

French iTunes contender to launch: France’s largest entertainment chain, La Fnac, is launching its own music download service

Get Real on MSN Music: Funny this…you would think they would restrict contextual ads…

iPod Rivals Square Off Against Apple: The next wave of iPod competitors is coming