Two days to Manic Monday


The upside of weekends is that one gets to indulge in spring cleaning. Upset at th Yankees loss Friday night, I cleaned the apartment furiously. The place is shining given that Yanks have made losing a habit. I also stayed up and cleaned digital house, and the result you can see — a mega dose of links, which are all great by the way. Swaped emails with Andrew Carton who couldn’t sleep either. Already spoke to my mom and my brother…. and its only noon. Also quite upset that I had to miss the opening of an exhibit by one of my favorite artists on the whole planet. Why? Because I am in San Francisco and the show is in New York. if you guys are in NYC, you should check out the show at Talwar Gallery. Paramjit is just simply amazing. “Concerned as much with the nature of memory as with nature, Singh’s water and foliage, illuminated by brilliant patches of sky, create an impression of nostalgia.”

I am on my way to meet Mr. WordPress aka Matt for some spicy hot Indian food. Perhaps that will bring the zzzzzzs! Update… Matt and I talked about the next generation WordPress, aka 1.3 which is likely to go beta next week. It has a lot of features which are going to come as a surprise to most. A rather simple one I am looking forward to is the easy to use style switcher. They have also made templates easier. And there is some sort of a built in aggregator which is in place in the new release. I love it that MT and WordPress are pushing each other hard. Matt is way too smart to be resting on his laurels.

Coming back, the Yankee victory and hot food basically turned things around. I took an afternoon nap, which was briefly interrupted by a call from Bj Olin. We wrapped for a few minutes, and then more sleep for me. As a result, I ended up working late into the night, only to be rudely interrupted by an annoyingly beeping smoke alarm. I always wonder why these things happens in the middle of the night. Anyway Sunday is going to be a rough day – I have to finish a story, panic over Yankees facing Pedro, and at the same be disappointed with Indian cricket team getting its ass whooped in the ICC trophy. Ahh! But now Monday is only a day away!

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