Speakeasy VoIP?


Bjørn Hansen points out that ISP Speakeasy has started to offer VoIP service. I guess since they are a Covad reseller, it was only a matter of time. Andy says it is Level 3 they are reselling as VoIP provider.

The Speakeasy support phone number have a “Speakeasy Voice” option in the automated menu crap now. Are they building a VoIP service? I’m thinking of switching from Vonage to BroadVoice to use their “Bring your own device” service. I have a TDM400P card that’d be fun to get setup with Asterisk again; the closed Vonage box is really no fun. I’d use VoicePulse Connect for calls to Europe as BroadVoice’s rates to cell phones are Really Really bad

At the last count, he was still waiting to talk to a live person at Speakeasy. I have heard the same thing and personally attest – their support and service despite all the posing by the company is lukewarm. I can’t wait to get out from under my contract.


Phil Karn

I called the provided number to order Speakeasy VoIP as there was no web form provided for this purpose. I stayed on hold for *two hours* before I finally hung up. I filed a trouble ticket, and this morning I got a phone call saying my order had been placed.

I think they weren’t quite ready to take the orders for this thing.



there is that daggone stubborn Level3 landing another and another and another…………why is it OM that Level3 lands about EVERYBODY and the ””coming”” surprises may SHOCK alot of folks?????????


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