09/18/2004 VoIP Daily


  • For F*ck Sake, VoIP The Movie. Techdirt rants as well and adds, “an advertising campaign for VoIP that involves a series of movie trailers about “VoIP: The Movie” which are designed to look like trailers from a thriller movie”
  • Lure of the Virtual Numbers: Aswath writes, “Not being a business guy, I wondered the business model behind this service. How is it that the service is so inexpensive? Indeed, VoIPuser gives away virtual numbers … for, get this, free! For me this all the more remarkable, till I realized that they are taking the kickback charges they receive for terminating the call, to pay for the forwarding of the call.”
  • All Skype, All The Time: Powered by Skype, or plan to hijack the open standards. Its one and the same thing. Another reason, why Apple should buy Skype? The FUD spreads…
  • Cox readies VoIP for prime time: America’s Network reports that Cox Communications, providing wired telephone service to more than 1 million customers in more than 13 markets, has decided to bring VoIP into the mainstream of its telephone product portfolio. An official announcement expected at the U.S. Telecom Association (USTA) show early next month in Las Vegas.
  • Cisco and Skype: Strategic Speculation: Cisco, the company that has yet to meet a protocol that it doesn’t like may very well be working with Skype to implement their non-standard firewall piercing technology into their family of routers and other edge devices. This would be a move that would keep Skype technology proprietary and give both them and Cisco the edge in delivering real-time communication services in what would otherwise be hostile working enviornments.
  • Ross wants a personal softswitch: I can recommend Asterix and of course any of the hosted personal softswitches. How about VoicePulse? Or Packet 8.
  • Alcatel Buys eDial: Network World reports that Alcatel has bought eDial for $27 million in stock and cash. EDial makes a conferencing and collaboration server based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Cisco bought Latitude Communications for $80 million in November 2003, while Avaya bought Spectel, a Web-based voice/video conferencing vendor, for $103 million. Alcatel got a bargain it seems. More SIP buying around the planet
  • Voice over WiFi: Sure, and a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. VoIP is good in some environments, not in all. Voice on GSM is just fine, Skype or not.
  • Defend your VoIP: Technewsworld on how to prevent VoIP networks from hackers and other security nightmares.
  • EarthLink’s lab released a proof-of-concept application showing off how SIP can be used for purposes other than what it was designed–VOICE. The proof of concept shows off the concept of sharing data, ala KAZAA. It’s called SIPshare, and is a peer-to-peer application designed to show how SIP — for Session Initiation Protocol — can be used for more than its typical collaboration and voice over IP.[ via Andy’s VoIP Watch]

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