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09/18/2004 Random Bytes

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  • Come on Baby Light my Fire: FireFox that is!
  • Politics of WiFi in Redwood City: Chris Nolan writes in EWeek about WiFi and how technology is reshaping the politics of Redwood City. “Back in 1999 … it was a dusty little out-of-the way county seat with a few tech companies looking for cheap office space…Today, Redwood City is the site of Scott Peterson’s murder trial and a line of nice-ish lunch joints line Broadway. My buddies at MessageCast have their offices there. So does CivicSpace Labs, the non-profit Andy Rappaport is backing.”
  • The Next One Billion: Business Week has caught on the idea of the next billion tech users are not going to be in the US or in the developed world. It is a radical idea, but the next big pot of gold in China, India, and Brazil.
  • Fiber Diet is Bad for Bells: Wired magazine on why Baby Bells and Cable companies hate small towns building their own fiber infrastructure.
  • Show me the money, however little it may be: Small business owners looking for investors would do better with their time than to seek venture capital. According to a study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, of the $18.2 billion in venture capital invested in 2003, only $304 million was invested in seed- or start-up-stage companies, the lowest level since 1980.[Inc Magazine]

  • More More More: Cisco seeks to boost market share in key markets by five percentage points, plans to flood the market, quality is something they can’t guarantee as yet. Trading up is another option, if you know what I mean. Wink! Wink!
  • Yahoo’s Curious Music Plans: John Borland takes a critical and smart look at Yahoo’s musical plans, and springs a surprise: despite buying Music Match for $160 million, Yahoo is building its own music player. Huh!