Connectivity and reading

Open_bookI love to read and have probably bought several hundred ebooks over the last two or three years. I switched totally over to ebooks back on the Palm Xv and have never gone back to paper books. The convenience of carrying over 50 books around in my PDA is mind-boggling and I’ve never wanted for a good book to read. I use the eReader almost exclusively which provides a nice reading experience on both my Pocket PC and my Sony U-70 UPC. It’s nice that the two platforms share the same ebook format so I can use any ebook I buy on both devices.I’ve noticed a pattern in my reading that bothers me. I don’t read as much as I used to and I miss it. It’s not that I don’t have as much free time for reading as that hasn’t really changed. What’s changed that is affecting how I use that free time is connectivity. That’s right, connectivity. With the prevalence of WiFi in most places I spend a lot of time on the internet that I previously would have spent with a good book. High speed internet connectivity is such a draw that now instead of popping out my PDA and reading I jump on the internet and check email and a few web sites. Don’t get me wrong I love being able to keep up with the topics that interest me but I’m not reading as much. Which might be bad since in the past reading represented well-deserved down time. Working on the web is not letting me turn the old brain off and enjoying a good story that some author has worked hard to tell me. I’ve tried to make a concerted effort to read more but I still don’t spend as much time doing it as I used to. I miss it.


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