WordToys- free steroids for MS Word


Wordtoys_favorite_2Wordtoys_copyformatI use Microsoft Word a lot for writing reports and so many times I’ve wished for a way to customize the way it works to fit my usage. I’d be happy with the ability to make a Favorites toolbar for all my favorite commands that I use over and over. WordToys to the rescue. WordToys is a free utility that extends the functionality of MS Word and lets you customize it just like you like it. You can create a Favorite Fonts, Favorite Symbol, and Favorite Bullets menu and put exactly what you want in there. There’s a WordToys Navigation bar which shows you exactly which documents you have open and lets you instantly switch between them with one click. There’s even a Document Recall function that let’s you open any document you’ve worked on, even long in the past. This is just a small selection of the utility this great program provides the Word user. It’s amazing that it is free in an unrestricted release. The author is just hoping that you’ll like it enough to upgrade it to WordToys Professional which adds a lot of heavyweight utility for $20. Great stuff!

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