Remote control for everything


CrestontpmcA technology partnership between Viewsonic and Creston has produced an interesting internet appliance that has been demonstrated at the CEDIA 2004 exhibition. The TPMC-10 can do a little bit of everything and is so innovative it was chosen as the best new product of the exhibition. The TPMC-10 is basically a 10.4″ touchscreen that has the Windows operating system embedded in the hardware. Going with an embedded design produces a device with a totally locked down operating system invulnerable to viruses or inadvertent file deletions.In addition to the operating system Creston has embedded key applications for internet browsing, working with email, a media player, and utilities making it possible to work with documents in many popular file formats like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat. Oh, the TPMC-10 will also control all lighting, security, audio and video in your house, too. It accomplishes all this connectivity via WiFi (802.11 a/g) and you can also hook up a USB mouse and keyboard to the panel making it a full workstation. This sounds like a great device to give presentations with if it has VGA out.

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