MP3 sunglasses from Oakley


Oakley_thump_earpieceOakley_thumpIf you just HAVE to stay cool when listening to your MP3s then you better check out the Thump MP3 sunglasses from Oakley. Featuring USB 2.0, 128/256MB, and 7 different colors, all in a form factor that says, well, Oakley. Oakley claims you can go 6 hours with a single charge of the Lithium-ion polymer battery. You can flip up the lenses when you go indoors. No word on pricing yet from the Oakley web site.



This is my first time to visit your store.
I hope you can help me to find about my request order,
so please let me know my total price include shipping
handling by Fedex to indonesia. If you don’t mind, I
need to buy 10 item Oakley MP3 Sunglasses
As soon as i get my total order, i will give my credit
card details to pay this order. Looking forward to
hearing good news from you soon.

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