Home defibrillator approved by FDA


Home_defibrillatorThe FDA has approved a home defibrillator for sale without a prescription. “The shock from a defibrillator is the most effective way to end sudden cardiac arrest, which leaves the victim breathing abnormally and unresponsive. HeartStart delivers a jolt of energy equivalent to what it takes to illuminate a 150-watt light bulb for one second.”The HeartStart defibrillator is manufactured by Phillips and previously required a prescription from a doctor before purchase was possible. It’s use in the case of sudden cardiac arrest in the first five minutes can be critical. The unit is not cheap at around $2,000 but hopefully higher volume sales will bring that price down.Having a defibrillator close at hand can mean a big difference in rate of survival for those who experience sudden cardiac arrest. When the shock is delivered within five minutes of the sudden cardiac arrest, 50 percent of individuals survive, said Deborah DiSanzo, vice president and general manager of cardiac resuscitation at Philips Medical Systems, manufacturer of the device.Ambulances typically arrive within nine minutes of a 911 call. Ten minutes after the sudden cardiac arrest, the patient has a 1 percent chance of survival, she said.

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