Battle for the Routers


Looks like the battle for router market is getting downright ugly, and well interesting. Not many people give second thought to routers, unless of course they crash and all that and you can’t get the innnernet!

Cisco vs. Juniper: Punch, Counterpunch: Adding insult to injury, six-year-old Juniper, located just a few miles down Route 237 from Cisco in San Jose, Calif., has been poking fun at Cisco in comic-style ads that run in The Wall Street Journal each Tuesday. “We’re all for healthy competition, but I’d say they’ve done some things that lack class,” says Carlos Dominguez, who runs Cisco’s service-provider operation.

After pummeling Cisco in the core router business, Juniper is now going after small, and medium sized businesses and also focusing on the large corporations. In June Juniper started pushing their low-end “access routers. The J-series models had Cisco’s $4 billion-a-year business in its cross hair. A business where Cisco has 90% market share. In September Cisco announced new products to well keep Juniper at bay. Stay tuned for more juicy details from the battle of the routers.

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