RIM Charm’s charm wearing off?

Mark Evans writes today that some Wall Street analysts are questioning all the buzz around RIM’s Charm.

The tech world is excited about the size and shape of the 7100T and – most important – its consumer-friendly US$200 price tag. That said, analysts are now pointing at the 7100T’s weaknesses. In particular, there are issues about user frustration with RIM’s innovative keyboard, which uses predictive technology to help create words. UBS analyst Michael Urlocker is also concerned about the lack of a digital camera and a flip phone feature, and the relatively short battery life. Granted, this is RIM’s first crack at making a telephone, and it’s an impressive first move. You would expect a smart company like RIM to address many of the analysts’ concerns with its next-generation product.

Two words for you all: don’t listen! Why? because when guys with their necks pinched by neck-ties try and predict what customers, especially those belonging to the younger thumb tribes will like, you know they have not got the foggiest. Hey didn’t one of the Wall Streeters call v710 the greatest thing since Paris Hilton’s Video Debut!