Its the VoIP Stupid

Light Reading reports that VOIP’s taking the marquee position among new telecom services taking shape. Much of their conclusions comes from the panelists and speakers at Light Reading’s Next Generation Services (NGS) 2004.

Service providers, analysts, and equipment providers gathered here Monday to talk about which new services promised to deliver the telecom industry’s recovery. And while broadband services, video, and triple-play all came to mind, the discussions kept circling back to VOIP. ”Voice is a uniquely powerful communication medium,” said keynote speaker Andrew Odlyzko, director of the Minnesota’s Digital Technology Center, Digital Technology Center. “There is much more that can be done with voice. Skype is doing it. Toll-quality voice is pretty lousy. With IP, you can play with voice.”

Beyond that, the article doesn’t say anything new. I was not there, so not sure what the quality of the information was, but the panelists apart from Andrew looked pretty, what shall I say, average!

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