WiSense not WiMAX

Can you believe it? It has been almost a year since I wrote about TowerStream, a tiny Rhode Island company that proved that if you use enough common sense you can make fixed wireless work, and that you don’t need to raise billions from the stock market to build entirely stupid networks like WinStar and Teligent did! Anyway today there is news that they are launching a service in Los Angeles. Nice going boys. LA is the latest addition for the company which sells big fat wireless pipes to corporations in New York City, Chicago, Boston and Providence, Rhode Island. They use pre-standard 802.16, technology. TowerStream is a living, thriving proof that despite all the F-U-D Intel is trying to spread, Fixed Wireless in all shapes and forms is a great back-haul technology – nothing less and nothing more.WiSense yes, WiMAX no, no?


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