Who is Intel’s Otellini?


Who is Intel’s Otellini?: I know I am not supposed to shill Business 2.0 all the time, but this is way too good to pass up. And since I was off-blogging yesterday, I guess I should not try to top off Damon Darlin’ who just is hilarious. (We the co-workers have enjoyed his too-cyncial world view, but now rest of you can enjoy it, since he is editing and writing the Business 2.0 blog.)

Intel’s heir apparent, Paul Otellini, was the subject of an attempted New York Times Sunday Business section profile. It took two reporters to find out next to nothing about the guy other than he will be kindler and gentler than Barrett and Grove. It’s a strange piece. On one hand, it says Intel has lots of challenges. Yeah. Then it glosses over the troubles saying Intel has proved the skeptics wrong in the past because of its vast manufacturing capabilities and r&d budget. It doesn’t seem that Otellini will be counting on that to help him get Intel out its current jam.

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