Toshiba e830 launches tomorrow in Europe & Japan


E830_toshibaToshiba is launching the e830 Windows Mobile device tomorrow in Europe and Japan. They do not have plans to release the e830 in the US at this time. The e830 is similar to the first VGA-enabled Pocket PC, the e800, with these notable exceptions:64 MB of ROM with the loss of the 32 MB of NAND that the e800 providesIntel graphics chipset replaces the ATI in the e800Dual radio (WiFi and Bluetooth 1.2)PXA272 MMX Intel CPU running at 520 MHzWindows Mobile 2003 Second EditionI hope Toshiba will release the e830 in the US soon but it doesn’t look good at this point.A review of the e830 has been published on the Pocket PC Paradise (French) website and you can find a translated version of it here.

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