Sony U-70 in your car?


U70_car_setupRafael Laguna wanted an integrated MP3 player, navigation system, WiFi, auto-synchronization of his MP3s with his home WiFi network, full internet access, and access to Office. Oh yeah, he wanted it in his car. While his project didn’t go the way he wanted he has an excellent chronicle of his thought process and the installation of the Sony in his car. Worth a look if you are interested in innovative uses people come up with for their mobile gadgets.


Daryll Fogal

Raphael – how did you run the cable from the trunk on your Audi to the console? I have an A6 and am thinking of doing the same thing as you.

As well, would the Neo ION make sense if you just left the iPod in the trunk? Will the changer work well enough?




Great to hear you got your problem solved (mostly). And I concur having a tiny Tablet PC is extremely useful. Oh yeah, it’s very cool too. :)

Rafael Laguna

Thanks for the good words, jk!

In the meantime I stripped down my reqirements a bit to *just* having my MP3s in the car, sice the car computer project will take a while.

So i bought the Neo iON ( my iPod. Installation was easy, you loose your cd changer if you have one. With my installation sound quality was excellent, ability to adjust volume, skip songs and albums worked just fine – but the display of the Nav/Radio does not shot the correct track number and time. Service seems, lets say, overworked, I didn’t get a reply to my compaints. Anyway – best generic solution I came by – just a little expensive.. (again!)

Pics of my installation are at

I will write a longer poem as soon as I get in touch with the Neo guys.

Oh – and thanks to jk – I put Win XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 on the UX70. It is three times the fun compared to the original Sony install.The handwriting recognition is really scary! AI may work at last (at least in some areas).


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