Sharp TM-150 disappoints


Sharp Electronics has been quietly making a move into the US cellular handset market, and has made favorable impression on at least Sprint customers. I was looking forward to messing around with the new Sharp TM-150. Where there is anticipation, there is disappointment. The phone, despite its curvy looks is a bit of a blah. Its like going out on a date with a bombshell, and realizing well all she got is “pasta fazzoli” between her ears.

The phone though as light as the tiny Samsung e105, feels like its made from cheap plastic. It is thick, and feels awkward in your pocket. (Hey not all of us want to have e-tool belt!) The interface, while slick is not as intuitive as it seems. The radio is well dastardly and so is the sound quality. I used Samsung e105 and Motorola V600 as comps, and was completely disappointed. The screen which is awesome is the only redeeming quality of this handset, which is a good complement for the one megapixel camera that is surprisingly good. The problem is that if you have to send those photos on the ackingly slow T-Mobile GPRS, well wait and wait. The SD Card slot is great for storing photos on a memory card, but I wonder why they did not have a MP3 playback features built into the phone. That’s a no brainer! To sum it up, I have to give a thumbs down to Sharp TM 150.

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