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U.S. Ringtones Market Slow to Connect

Well, Billboard contends that the U.S. market for ringtones hasn’t exploded as other continents have…and bases that on the fact that no one company has emerged like Apple has in online music. Well, that’s a flawed analogy, mainly because right now the market economics of these two apparently different markets are very different.
But the other point stands: the ringtone market is small, and very fragmented, with aggregators not developing into brand names themselves, rather letting the operators do most of the work…it is generally held that mobile music promotions are more effective when some combination of the carriers, handset manufacturers, ringtone aggregators (like Infospace Mobile, Zingy and Faith West) and record labels co-market their products.
Also, labels have been most receptive to working with the mobile phone industry on marketing efforts that can be geared to new releases.