Broadband Numbers Confuse?


A FCC report says that “Despite being ranked eleventh in the world in broadband penetration, the United States is rolling out high-speed services on a “reasonable and timely basis to all Americans.” In its fourth annual report to Congress on broadband deployment, the FCC said the United States ranks number one in the world with 28 million subscribers, followed by the European Union (23 million), Japan (14 million), China (12 million), South Korea (11 million) and Canada (4.5 million). But in terms of residential broadband penetration — the number of subscribers per 100 people — the United States with its 6.9 subscribers per 100 residents ranks behind 10 other countries. South Korea is the global leader with 21.3 subscribers per 100 people, followed by Hong Kong (14.9), Canada (11.2), Taiwan (9.4) and Iceland (8.4).

According to new Harris Interactive research there has been a big increase in those with broadband connections. Two years ago, only 22 percent of adults online had broadband connections. By October/December 2003, this had increased to
37 percent. It is now up to 44 percent, or more than four in ten, of all those
online. Nearly 73% Americans are online.

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