TXTNG: Death of Q’s English

Text messaging will be the death of Queens English. If instant messaging gave us new phrases like BRB and L8R, Text messaging is bringing to fore a whole new slanguage. Here are some of the more popular ones.
* AAMOF – As A Matter Of Fact
* C4N – Ciao For Now
* DIS N DAT – This And That
* FOCL – Falling Off Chair Laughing
* HHOK – Ha Ha Only Kidding
* THKQ – Thank You
* XLNT – Excellent
* ZZZ – Sleeping

You want more, or the latest, then go here. And if you are thinking that this is still a teen craze, think again. The largest growing group of TXTrs are grown-ups, who among other things use TXTing to flirt, plan dates, or even set-up appointments. Yes even in US too. “Text messaging on mobile phones and PDAs is quickly moving from a hot trend among teens to a mainstream means of communications used by business professionals, moms on-the-go and college students,” says Craig Peddie, general manager, Tegic Communications. “With the evolution of text messaging, it came as no surprise that a new language has popped up, which will quickly become an official language of mobile communicators.” Ms. Merriam and Mr. Webster are turning in their graves!


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