Suit Accuses MLB of Online Patent Infringement

An intellectual property holding company, DDB Technologies of Austin, Texas, is suing Major League Baseball for what it considers patent infringement on its real-time sports technology, reports

Features allegedly infringing on DDB’s patents include its Gameday simulations of live baseball games, its condensed video highlights, its searchable video highlights and its live fantasy baseball stat tracker.

DDB (represented by IPAC) said the lawsuit stemmed from failed talks to secure a license from MLB. MLB says it will contest the suit, which it says is without merit.

Interesting this: in 2003 struck a licensing deal with DDB for its own interactive live sports features. The patents in question then were U.S. Patent #5,526,479, U.S. Patent #5,671,347 and U.S. Patent #6,204,862.

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