Longhorn or brain short


Next Windows to Limit USB Key, iPod Use reports CNet News.com.

“Microsoft’s upcoming Longhorn version of Windows will have tools designed to help businesses prevent the use of USB keys, iPods, or any other mass storage device that can be connected to work computers, all in the interest of protecting company data,” Gizmodo writes.

Well if that is the case, then looks like Microsoft is listening to knuckle-heads at some so called consultants who view devices as threat to security. Most employees are good god fearing people and well moves like this is why no one wants to work for the MAN! Lets see what happens, but security is not in the device, but in the system. Lets plug that first, and worry about data loss later. I am pretty sure, this is not going to go down too well with the consumers.


Charlie Sierra

How long until we start to here from the lunatic left something along the lines of,

“Devices don’t steal corporate secrets, people do!!!”

PS. Would the NRA have grounds for a service mark infringement?

This whole thing is just another brick in the wall of my age old saying that “Corporate America, is really nothing more than Adult Daycare.” period. eos.

Eli Sarver

The feature has nothing to do with consumers (personal users) if the feature is targeted at the business environment. It will be a policy edit switch, like all of the other features. I don’t hear anyone decry the ability to lock down IE config or restricting access to programs as worthy of outcry.


Yup i agree. when it comes to transfering data, well there are a gazillion ways. not sure how one is going to plug each one of those.

Patrick Bennett

I can’t believe this isn’t already in Windows. This type of capability is nothing new and nothing to be too afraid of. It’s easily accessible in Mac OS X and the company I’m doing some on-sight work for utilizes it. It’s pretty annoying that you can’t plug your iPod or other external drive in, but since it’s a design agency I guess it’s smart. Intellectual property and all that. The easy way to get around this is to have two iChat accounts and transfer files through there. Works for me.

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