UK firm releases the PUTA

puta_sideYeah, you read that headline correctly. Their web site is down today, no doubt being changed after firing the Product Manager, but it will probably reappear with a new name.The product description from their web site before they pulled the plug:The PUTA is the world’s simplest computer to own and operate. You can hang it on a wall, place on a desktop or mount on an arm above your workspace. Clean, sleek and contemporary in design it is the perfect solution for providing elegant computer access. There are no cables, the keyboard and mouse are wireless and the screen responds instantaneously to touch input. Simple and intuitive to operate, this is a state of the art, powerful computer that is whisper quiet in operation. A comprehensive options list means that you can configure the system exactly as you require it. Just select what you need and we will build a system to match your requirements. The PUTA is an entirely new concept in touchscreen information systems – powerful, scaleable and ready to use straight out of the box.


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