Pepper Pad- Linux to go


pepper_pad_2_specification-headerThe Pepper Pad 2 is a really cool Linux device based on the XScale PXA 270 from Intel with a big screen, 20 GB HDD, and 32 MB of video RAM. Really nice specs and it will be a device to watch. It’s expected to ship January 2005 for $800. From their web site:The 2 lb. Pepper Pad features a 20 GB hard drive, 256 MB of SDRAM, 32MB video RAM and 32 MB of flash memory so it can store hours of music and videos plus pages of photos and web clippings. It has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with power management, plus an AC power supply. Bluetooth, IR and a USB 1.1 port complement the 802.11b+g Wi-Fi. It also features built-in stereo speakers, microphone, and headphone jacks, external mike, plus a five-way game D-pad. The entire package is ruggedized and splash-resistant for the rigors of daily use.

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