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Daily Music Wrap: Sept 8, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up.

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Search Engines Fueling Online Music Retailers: 30.4 percent of U.S. visits to music retail Web sites in July 2004 resulted directly from search-engines and directories

Indian Digital Music Market: A very comprehensive overview…

Where’s the Music?: MP3 players are hot in Asia, but online stores such as iTunes are still closed to the region’s market

Can Apple Play Europe’s Tune?: Apple says its plans for an English-only pan-European store are on track for October.

MyTunes returns for iTunes song sharing: Re-release this week of the previously defunct MyTunes

iPod in the middle on Capitol Hill: Shut down in court, entertainment companies look to Congress to stop music and movie downloads.

Major Labels Get More Aggressive with Copy-Protection: SunnComm and Macrovision reap the benefits…

Court: Sampling May Violate Copyright Law: Court said federal laws aimed at stopping piracy of recordings applies to digital sampling.

Japanese Music industry warms to downloads: Japanese music downloads will grow to 88.3 billion yen in 2008, from 1.5 billion yen in 2003.