BlackBerry 7100t- RIM does it right


blackberry_7100t_in_handWho doesn’t want one of these? The BlackBerry 7100t is a real phone-like device with a list of features to satisfy even the most discriminating business person. Oh, and it connects to corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. Or not, your choice.The 7100t has an attractive design, speakerphone, Bluetooth, quad-band receiver (allows roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific), and as stated earlier can be used either with or without the BlackBerry communications servers. Looks like RIM finally got it right with this phone. PC Magazine has a full review of the 7100t where they address the innovative keypad on the 7100t:“To make the device smaller, RIM ditched the usual full keyboard for a strange, 20-key hybrid keypad in which the keys are small, flat, and close together. Most keys have two letters and a number on them, but the keys are in familiar QWERTY order. Yes, the 7100t uses predictive text, but stifle your groans. RIM’s SureType is a giant step ahead of any predictive text you’ve used before. It learns new words after one try and automatically integrates all the names in your address book. After 15 minutes on this keyboard we were typing with ease.”

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